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Happy New Year in the London Underground

Cheers to all! The new year 2014 is about to come. I would like to wish you a year full of joy, happiness and success.

Playing around with the London Underground Map is always a joy for a creative mind. This time I decided to send out my happy new year message through it. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out all the colored lines in the map if you are spending your holiday time in London this year.



Giffoni Film Festival poster design

Giffoni Film Festival runs an international creative contest for the creation of a poster for the 44th edition of Giffoni Film Festival in July 2014. The theme for the contest was BE DIFFERENT.

Difference is what makes something beautiful, the ability to tiptoe above the crowd. There is no greatness without difference. It is indeed through difference that we learn about the gift of art, strength and creation. Being different is a burden that each and every youth carries within. If being like others is comforting because belonging to a group, a family a society where everyone is the same is comforting, diffrenece is perceived as a problem, a limit, a punishment whereas, it is the opposite, an infinite potential of reinvention.

This was my main idea for the creation of my poster! To be different and to stand out.