About Me

People, travel, nature, design, beauty, art and food are what I am interested in. They make me happy. They give me new ideas and they make my life. I love to experiment, talk with strange people, make new food and walk in nature for 5 hours and enjoy the beauty.

I like to make the world  happy with my art and through my creativity. I am a designer, I was born with a box of colour pencils and later I tried many techniques such as water colour, quash, collage, fabrics, acrylic, papier-mâché, but what I like most are screen printing, hand made books, wood carving and sculpture.

Recently I started doing animations. It is like a new world that I entered and it is crazy. I enjoy every moment of working and want to go further and further. Having all of those techniques and now they can also move and make noise!

I studied Communication Design for my Master at the Winchester School of Art (Southampton University) where I learnt about the importance of design in communication, business and marketing where I learnt about new people, a new life and a new culture.

And now I am about to discover the importance of art in people’s life, society and culture.

Please enjoy reading my blog and share it with others. Also check out my husband’s blog.

Maryam Farahbod


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