Christmas and Nativity Scenes

Visiting the beautiful city of Caltagirone in Sicily just before Christmas was quite an experience. Not only for the breathtaking scenery from top of the 142-steps monumental Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte but also because of the numerous nativity scenes (presepe in Italian) exhibitions all around the city and in churches.

Nativity scenes are art objects in the form of small mockups, representing the birth of Jesus. These exhibitions happen mainly around Christmas time.

What was very interesting for me about the nativity scenes in Caltagirone was the fact that how serious people take them and how many different versions you can find. It is no more about the old time and ancient atmosphere. People are trying to be more creative with the idea. It became more modern and universal. I saw the mockup of the Chinese wall, the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty and many other places which no longer represent the birth of Jesus, or maybe now it is more about universality of him!


From top of the Monumental Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte

IMG_8227IMG_8256 IMG_8255 IMG_8273 IMG_8282IMG_8250IMG_8313IMG_8276IMG_8291


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I am a freelance graphic designer. I love nature, beauty, people and culture. Two things make me the most happy in my life, When I create a new design and when I walk in nature with a beautiful new scenery.

One response to “Christmas and Nativity Scenes”

  1. Andreas Moser says :

    Beautiful city, beautiful exhibition, beautiful photos!

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